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Reading Nate Damm

Several months ago I came across a blog that intrigued me. The blogger’s name was Nate Damm (pronounced DOM, but he says he’ll take it pronounced dam too), and the specific post I read referred to his walk across the United States. I was hooked. I subscribed to his blog and I signed up to get updates to his book-in-progress. I’ve been enjoying both of these subscriptions. Here’s why.

Nate Damm is Full of Life

So he’s young, you say. Anyone in their 20s is going to be full of life. Oh, so not true. I know plenty of 20-somethings who are not full of life. Besides that, the kind of fullness of life that Nate has is genuine and unique. He walked across America, for goodness sakes! Who does that?! I have dreamed of doing stuff like this (still holding onto my Appalacian Trail dream), but it takes guts to do something like this, and to do it alone. That’s fullness of life. And this is the type of writing that he sends out in his blog and in his book-in-progress updates.

Nate Damm is An Explorer and Entrepreneur at Heart

Obviously, anyone who walks across America has an explorers’ heart. Enough said, right? But Nate doesn’t stop there. Nate’s blog posts are full of examples where something happens in his life, and he takes it as a learning experience. He tries to figure out how to do things better. Explorers are often entrepreneurs too. So is Nate. He’s working on a website project that he hasn’t unveiled yet. Whether or not it works, he’s trying. He’s not afraid to go out there and try!

Nate Damm is Consistent and Persistent

You have to be to get up every morning and walk 20 to 30 miles everyday for how long (you’ll have to check out his blog to find out). And I know he will finish his book because the two things are similar. Book writing is a job you have to do alone. Nate walked alone. Books are bound to be criticized. Nate was criticized for doing the crazy walk. If you are an author, books are like your baby. You tend to it, nurture it day in and day out. Nate’s journey was like that. It had to be. He did it every day until he was done. And to boot, he’s still blogging. Trust me, it’s not easy to be a persistent blogger!

Nate Damm is Courageous

Again, isn’t this obvious? It would be scarey for anyone to walk alone across the United States. But it’s even harder for Nate. Because Nate considers himself a shy person. He had to do things like talk to strangers! He blogged about doing that one time, where he made a phone call to a stranger, and he told about how he essentially had to psych himself into making that phone call. How does someone like that decide in the first place to go and walk across the United States? Nate is also courageous in that he blogs about stuff he thinks about. He’s not afraid (or if he is, he doesn’t let on) to tell about an experience if it will get you thinking, or encourage you, or help you in some way, even if that experience is embarrassing.

Nate Damm “Gets” Whitespace

He may not have heard my idea of whitespace, but he “gets” it. He’s doing stuff in his life that is productive, but balancing that with “whitespace”–the things he enjoys.

It’s refreshing to read about people doing stuff that you otherwise can’t do, or that you are too afraid to do. It’s refreshing to read a blog where the person isn’t trying to sell you something. Nate’s blog is like that. He just wants to encourage you to live your life, do the things you enjoy doing, and be happy. You should check out his blog. (And no, he’s not paying me to say this.)